Friday, September 01, 2006

September 1, 2006

Finally back to it after many, many days of traveling and meeting new people. In a way, perhaps it's been a time of renewal -- mainly because it is so different and my brain has been resting. My husband thinks something is different and that I've had some kind of epiphany. Not sure if I agree, but I definitely am in a different headspace of sorts than when I left.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 10, 2006

Bluegrass at the Beach begins on Sunday...orchestrating one full week of music, learning, camaraderie, and more! I am looking forward to engaging people and being present to faciliate their learning and expression. Even so, each year I think too late about how to make the event richer than the year before.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday, August 7

By anchoring details, I am hoping to gain focused freedom to create. E-mail and the Internet are compelling, yet are also quite a distraction. How helpful is it to be able to follow any mental impulse through the infinite digital Web?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday, August 6

Taking a break today from NEW projects, and taking my first step toward recreating focus. My goal is to only do things today that are about finishing something and being cleared rom my mental list. Still the list is very very long.

It is a luxury this morning to have the house to myself and know that it will be this way for several hours. Coffee is on the stove, and a beautiful buck deer just walked by outside.

Onward to the day!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday, August 3

It has been a very long time since I have posted...and in fact I just deleted all but my very first post. Llots has been going on, but there isn't anything going on. I am feeling at a sort of creative stand-still, floundering slightly, and easily distracted. Since last post, my business is growing and new ideas are percolating. However, I'm experiencing a strange fog that is not impeding creativity, exactly. Yet, it is not facilitating creativity, either.

I read an excerpt from Robert Fripp's Guitar Craft writings about the role of the diary for the artist and the appreciator relative to the creative process:

"The recapitulation of experience, in the form of diarism, is a way to digest the impressions which life, and our living of it, naturally provides. The Diarist reviews their actions, feeling and thinking, and presents us with an overview of their life process.
Maintaining a diary is itself a process, of engagement with oneself. An ongoing diary presents a challenge which invites the Diarists to move beyond their natural lassitude, to go further than the merely comfortable.

Maintaining a public diary is also a process, and engagement with the listening community is the stage where diarism comes to life: the arrogance, foibles, pretensions, weaknesses and aspirations of Diarists are revealed to public gaze and scrutiny; even the attempt to hide is revealed. At this point, heat enters the process, and repercussions generated beyond the purely personal."

I guess I agree, and that is why I am writing and posting today...merely to just be doing it. Even if "it" isn't is something.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Day One: Developing a Voice

I think a lot of people just wish I'd shut up. At least that's what I think they think. Probably because if I were them (was them?) I would want me to shut up. I mean, does ANYONE really want to hear about the latest project, phase, idea, concept, mental exploration? Really?

Anyhoo, creating a blog is my attempt to channel my ramblings and mental essays into a format that kind of works like a journal that isn't a journal. Really, I have no idea where it will go, if anywhere. But, it's an outlet for a huge volume of creative energy and my own personal interest in documenting my creative lifestyle.

So...what is my voice? How will it develop? I don't know and look forward to having the patience to find out. Stick around if you're interested!